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Quiz Bowl team finishes third in county contest

By Stan Vanclooster  Sophomore Mitchel Smith, sophomore Katie Hylton, junior Nicolas Romero(captain) and senior Bryan Wade collaborate to answer a question during the annualQuiz Bowl competition at the Neuse Regional ...

County graduates to honors system

Lenoir County Public Schools is implementing a cum laude honor system beginning with the graduating class of 2016 -- the current freshman class. In simplified terms, Board Policy 3450 will do away with the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian. According to school officials, the change will allow schools to recognize more students at the top of the class each year.

Kinston High School, county schools may implement Standard Mode of Dress

Several neighboring counties have already made the change to school uniforms. Now it may be Kinston High School’s turn. Standard Mode of Dress, or SMOD, may already sound familiar to a lot of the students at Kinston High. Students who attended Rochelle Middle School have already experienced SMOD and more than likely will have to get used to it for a second time.
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