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Irene pays Kinston a visit

Hurricane Irene caught junior Keontae Mewborn off guard. “I had no idea it’d be that devastating,” he said. Mewborn wasn’t the only one blind-sided by Irene on Saturday, Aug. 26. When Hurricane Irene hit Kinston, tropical storm-force winds gusted up to 115 miles per hour along the coast and near 80 mph in Lenoir County, and heavy rain came with them.

We Kinstonians must take back our city

When will enough finally be enough?

Crime rates have been on a constant rise for the past several years, In fact, two years after there were no recorded homicides in Kinston, the city has mourned the loss of 10 citizens to violent crime so far this year -- a rate nearly 10 times higher than the national average.

Yet somehow nothing seems to be changing in our city. One thing is certain: While the crime rates are going up, the ages of the victims and killers are continuously going down.


Hurricane Irene threatens N.C. coast, Kinston

An un-welcome visitor is coming to Kinston this weekend, and her name is Hurricane Irene.

Hurricane strength winds and possible flooding could significantly impact Kinston and Lenoir County. And though her stay will be short, Irene’s impact could be felt for some time in the area.


Kinstonians feel effects of Virginia quake

Kinston residents felt the effects of an earthquake centered in Virginia just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to CNN.com, the magnitude 5.9 earthquake, centered near Washington D.C., shook residents in states stretching from New York to the Carolinas.