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Junior wants success for everyone

Keon Roach believes in giving back, in success for not only himself but for everyone around him. Some of Roach’s teachers have noticed that his mentality about the world is unique compared to most teenagers today. IB biology teacher Joseph Romig was particularly impressed after holding conversations with his student.

‘Mrs. G.’ is more than just a Bible teacher

Not all students have the opportunity to take a Bible course during high school to learn more about the history and meaning behind it. Jody Guttenberger has taught a Bible course at KHS for 23 years and is eager about informing students and keeping the course funded. About 70 years ago the course began when a group of men who did a prayer breakfast decided they wanted to do something for the community.

Students join military for variety of reasons

According to local Army recruiters, more students that are graduating from high school are joining the military. But are students really willing to fight for the country or is the military an “easy” way out? For some, the Army is simply an option for students who aren’t interested in going to college after high school.

The hat man owns impression collection

Snap backs. Fitted caps. Any team under the sun. It doesn’t matter. Hats are everywhere, especially in the closet of senior Edward Nesbeth. Most of the time, hats are bought to complement an outfit or to just support a favorite sports team.

Band: A family affair at KHS

Jay Taylor and Joshua Dowdell share a brotherly bond that they feel can never be broken. When middle school rolled around, they couldn’t help but be close considering all the time they had spent together. “Jay and I have always been close,” Dowdell said. “We learned everything together, pushed each other, competed with each other. In the end, we’re brothers.”
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