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Kinston High School, county schools may implement Standard Mode of Dress

Several neighboring counties have already made the change to school uniforms. Now it may be Kinston High School’s turn. Standard Mode of Dress, or SMOD, may already sound familiar to a lot of the students at Kinston High. Students who attended Rochelle Middle School have already experienced SMOD and more than likely will have to get used to it for a second time.

We are Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin case has brought about a lot of controversy across the United States. Martin’s story has dominated national headlines ever since he was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman -- who has yet to be arrested after claiming self defense -- in February.

3 + 1 = no planning for three math teachers

Already “over-worked and under-paid,” four teachers at Kinston High are taking on an extra load by giving up their planning period for a fourth class. The absence of one math teacher has set back the schedules of many teachers, including two first-year teachers.

Editorial: Exam policies should be reconsidered

Whether we are prepared for them or not, they’re still coming. By the time you read this, exam week will be upon us. However, this year is a bit different. Along with all of the other new policies that were brought to Kinston High this year, the exam policy has also been modified.

Take the time to become an informed citizen

The latest fashion trends -- movies, video games and even trending topics on Twitter -- seem to interest teens way more than politics. What many teens fail to realize is that this non-interest can fracture our future. Voting is the only way for our voices to be heard, and we must be informed about the issues around us.