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Left to right: Juniors Eliza Deaver, Spencer Nock, Becky Irvin, William French and Sarah Walker are participating in the Alex's Lemonade Stand charity to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Not pictured: Lukiss Brooks. (Contributed photo)

By Malasya Grajales
Entertainment Editor 

Juniors Sarah Walker, Becky Irvin, Eliza Deaver, William French, Spencer Nock and Lukiss Brooks are running their own lemonade stand.

Lemonade stands have long been a way for cash-strapped youths to make a few extra dollars in the summer heat, but these six students are not running a lemonade stand for themselves. They’re doing it to make a difference. The project is called “Alex’s Virtual Lemonade Stand Project.”

In this program, students from different schools all over the country are running their own Lemonade Stand to raise money for pediatric cancer.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was founded by 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who set up her own lemonade stand in her front yard. Alex wanted to raise money to help find a cure for children with cancer.

Scott was born in 1996. Shortly after her first birthday, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is a type of cancer for children. In August 2004, Alex died at age 8, but her legacy has lived on. So far, the charity set up in her honor has raised more than $1 million toward finding a cure for cancer.