Seniors Richard Henderson (left) and Monika Lender collect food for the FEED Club’s annual holiday fund-raiser. (Anna Hill/The Viking Press)

By Hayley Vermillion
News Editor

The walls of Kinston High School were covered with posters reading “FEED Club Food Drive” during the month of November.

With both Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it is prime time for the Feeding Every Empty Desperation (FEED) Club’s work efforts.

The club held a food drive in November, raising many canned food donations.  The donations were given to InterChurch Outreach (ICOR) of Kinston and the Harvest Connection.  Each of these organizations reaches out to Lenoir County residents in crisis, with large efforts put forth over the holiday season.

Senior Richard Henderson was inspired to start the FEED Club two years ago by situations he witnessed first-hand.

“Seeing a homeless man is one thing; seeing a family that’s down on their luck to the point where they have to walk the streets does something to you,” Henderson explained.

The homeless and the hurting are who give him the motivation he needs to continue his work.

The FEED Club currently has over 20 members and they are all working towards the same goal.

“The goal of the FEED Club,” Henderson said, “is to sow seeds of love into homes of the less fortunate.”

Members of the FEED Club have been working diligently to spread the word about the work they are doing especially as the holiday season rolls around.

“We’re totally appreciative to everyone who supported us in our cause,” Henderson said.

In addition to their drive in November for the Thanksgiving holiday, they conducted a Thanksgiving dinner at the local homeless shelter, and in December, they will continue to collect clothing and other miscellaneous items for Christmas.

The current food drive ends Dec. 13, and the first block class that contributes the most items will earn a reward.

To donate, contact Henderson, faculty adviser Sue Potter or another member of the FEED Club or simply drop off your items in the boxes provided in your first block class.