Kyle Brown/Sports editor

By Kyle Brown
Sports Editor

Throughout the years Kinston High School has been known for its powerhouse football and basketball team and for its rigorous course work in the International Baccalaureate program, but where are sports like wrestling, swimming, lacrosse, and field hockey?

With a school of at least 900 to 1000 everyone can’t possibly make the football or basketball teams. There just isn’t enough space for everyone. As a student I would feel left out if the sport I loved was not even available for me to play at my high school.

Kinston High School has many great coaches, but do we really do a great job at hiring the right coaches for each sport that we have?

We have many coaches that coach more than one sport just because they have a little knowledge about it, but why don’t we search and hire the coaches that have a passion for the sport they are coaching? This is a hard thing to do because most coaches have to be a teacher first. They are out there in the world though. We just have to find them.

Maybe if we found the right coaches to coach sports like swimming and golf then we could have those sports at our school and grow more and more as a sports powerhouse. Everyone isn’t the big time high flying athlete that can drive down the lane and dunk a ball so why not just encourage our community and athletic director to find coaches to coach the not so profitable sports? All you need is the right coach and the right motivation and a program can become successful.

I’ve torn my ACL twice so baseball isn’t looking the brightest for me in the future, but I would love to take a few swings on a golf course where my injury rate is not so high.

All it takes is an idea to make things happen.